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Need an Interlock?

Safe Harbor offers the cheapest solutions for installing an ignition interlock in Tucson, AZ and provide tools and tips to help you out along the way. You also could be eligible to get off in as early as 6 months rather than a year or longer?

Safe Harbor is here to help!

We provide all the tools you need to get off the interlock in the shortest time possible.

We offer the most complete service including:

FREE iPhone & Android App
FREE 24/7 Emergency Support
FREE Customer Service Calls
FREE online account management
MULTIPLE service locations in Tucson, AZ
• and MORE!

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Safe Harbor's DUI TIPs

• Do not drive on a suspended license or you will have more problems getting it back in the future.

• The faster you get through this, the better. You will want to get through your alcohol screening to get your temporary license ASAP!

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